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'Love is a disease, an addiction, an overdose'


140412 TEEN TOP before and after Budapest High Kick [cr: teen top]


Teentop in hungary
Cr.teentop_angel via._pho11

levels of hongbin: hell yeah i’m so sexy look at me wink → now look at me smile → shit i’m embarrassed → wtf did i just do



bap/bangtan/got7 gang au

got7 is the newest gang on the streets. they seem cocky and arrogant, and bangtan doesn’t like newcomers, so they take matters into their own hands. they cause trouble for got7 wherever they can and declare got7 their rivals. got7 accepts the challenge and strikes back.

but what will they do when senior gang bap gets sick of their rivalry and steps in to take things to the next level?

Cocky Kris vs. Flustered Kris


Kris’ face when patting a cat.

Happy Birthday to EXO’s flowerboy maknae, Sehun ♥


the 100% real thoughts of lee chanhee


ChunJoe ship soooooooo HOT >__<

Beautiful leader, Bohye