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Hi! I'm Ven. 20 year old Hungarian girl./I learned japanese/ ♥ anime: Gravitation, Mirai Nikki (Yuno), Guilty Crown, Deadman Wonderland/ ♥ Kdrama: School 2013, The Heirs, To the beautiful you, Antique Bakery/ Kim Woo Bin, Kim Jae Wook/ Wu Yi Fan (My Pr'tty Princess),Lay Minho, Yongguk, Jaejoong, Lee Joon, Jimin, Yoseob, Jia, Amber, Jiyeon/ I have some tattoo♥/ Chocolate candies lollipop/ Supernatural, TVD, HG, Teen Wolf/ Sterek, Dalaric, Destiel

meanwhile suho’s reaction….

anonwhat are Jimin’s sexiest moments?  
A/N: These are just a few examples since Jimin’s sexy 24/7


Galaxy Cake by fanfan ~


fave parts ❤️


#吴亦凡# #GIF# A,B,C with Fanfan[挤眼][h]"for "HANDSOME" part 1 :[害羞]Most girls has complete their life with a handsome guys~[发表言论]…but for me, you yourself can make feel complete![bm缤纷]Fanfan, you make my imperfect life, felt perfect[爱你]


Baby Lay


you keep smiling as if nothing had happened, but every second you breathe harder


graphics for Yixing’s birthday; 6/7

141007 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾ 

銀河から来たユニコーンレイ⋆。˚ Unicorn LAY from galaxy⋆。˚✩


Happy Birthday Lay <3 


Happiest of birthdays to our lovely prince, Changbum         #VisualCbumDay